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IT or information technology is a factor of engineering discipline students where they are taught about the application of telecommunication devices, computers precisely. The primary focus is given to the operations related to computer science like storage, transmission, retrieval and manipulation of data.  

The nature of the subject is quite dynamic, due to which universities and colleges asks students to submit high quality and original information technology assignments. The assignment could be based on any topic depending on the core subject it is about. 

Following areas are covered by the experts regarding the IT assignment : 

✔️ Data structure and algorithms 

✔️ Operating system

✔️ MIS and other information systems


✔️ WEB Technologies and the internet 

✔️ Web designing and development

✔️ Computer networking structure

✔️ System analysis and designs

✔️ JAVA, PYTHON, MATLAB, OCTAVE and other highly programming languages

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