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Every juncture of life seems complicated. But wait till you reach Master’s and Ph.D. There will be endless assignments coming your way. You will learn about research methodology and research writing. Research writing is of two types – thesis and report writing. Thesis writing can be overwhelming. There are many sections that you need to include. If you need good grades, it would be helpful if every section is written perfectly.  Since thesis writing is complex, there is no harm in taking help from a writing expert. Assignment Delivery offers thesis writing services to Master’s students and Ph.D. Scholars. 

What is a thesis? 

Thesis writing will be a part of your curriculum after you complete your college degree. It is a document/write-up which is submitted for an academic degree or any professional qualification. The thesis presents the student/author’s research and findings. 

Master’s and Ph.D. students select a topic that requires further investigation and research. At the Master’s level, students spend a year on a dissertation but a Ph.D. scholar spends 3-7 years doing research and preparing their thesis. 

Why do you need a thesis writing expert? 

Thesis writing is tough. The university professors give you a structure and show you examples of a thesis, but you are on your own after a certain point. You might get overwhelmed by the structure of a thesis. Moreover, every university hand over a set of instructions to follow. The scholar needs to cite references and every word should be unique. Professors check this academic document on a plagiarism checker to ensure that none of the content is copied. 

The structure includes: 

1. Start with a question – What do you want to find out? The research depends on the answers you need to find. 

2. Prepare a tentative answer – You may not have a concise answer at the beginning of the research. In case you are thinking of writing an argumentative essay, pick a side and stick to it. 

3. Developing an answer – Now it is time to convince the reader that you know the answer. The answer will be detailed and it should summarize the argument. 

Note – An argumentative thesis is interesting to write. But you need to take a strong position. 

An expository thesis is about making a point and stating the facts. You need not have a strong opinion here. An analytical thesis involves analysing a particular text. You must mention the aspect you are focusing on. Overall, thesis writing can be technical in terms of structure. Moreover, your text cannot be plagiarized. It should be grammatically correct and the text should be informative and precise. 

Concluding thoughts 

The student needs to select a topic ahead of time. Even if you are hiring a thesis writing expert, you must have an idea of what you want to research. Share the ideas with the writing expert and they will do the rest. In case you do not have a question/topic in mind, it would be helpful to discuss it with the thesis writing expert. They can provide relevant ideas and you can share your thoughts on the same. 

You should consider hiring an expert from Assignment Delivery as the writers possess Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from top universities. They are aware of the structure and can abide by the writing rules of different universities. In addition, the text will be 100% unique and grammatically correct. If you need good grades and a degree in your hand, hire a writing expert for your thesis.